Ynkxer, Ynki
Large City

The Python Bridge at dusk in 2008.
Founded 1998
Incorporated 2001
Population 180,483
Tallest Building Ynki Building
Highest Elevation 3,005 ft.
Country Iquiq
State Ynki
County Division No. 7
Township None
Part of the
Northern Peninsula Region

Ynkxer (INK-SER) is the capital and largest city of the Ynki (IN-KEE) province. The city had a population of 180,483 in the 2016 census. Ynkxer is home to the Ynki Yetis, a national football league in the country. Ynkxer is the 14th-largest-city in Iquiq. Ynkxer is also the marble capital of the world because of its numerous marble quarries in the area.

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