The December 26-28, 2015 tornado outbreak is an ongoing tornado outbreak that has produced tornadoes in the states of Bedford, Colossians, Sandy, North Sandy, South Sandy, and Wyominga.

December 26-28, 2015 tornado outbreak
Wyominga's Heart tornado
An F4 tornado near Wyominga's Heart.
Some attributes
First Maximum Rating: F4 tornado
Second Max location: 8 different locations
Third Tornadoes: 30
Other attributes
Fourth Deaths: 65
Fifth Injuries: 133
Sixth Tornado outbreaks: April 15-17, December 26-28, Unknown

Meteorological synopsisEdit

An extra-tropical cyclone moved over OUS on December 26. It produced nine tornado across Bedford, Colossians, Wyominga, and North Sandy. The strongest tornado on December 26, an F4 that touched down near Bypass, North Sandy. As of December 27, 17 tornadoes have touched down. An F4 tornado hit Wyominga's Heart, killing 36 people.

Notable TornadoesEdit

Lake Guinea Bay/Ty tornadoEdit

A supercell thunderstorm formed from a squall line in Colossians. The storm separated from the squall line and started to rotate. A tornado warning was issued for northern Yoyo County and southern Sauerkraut County including the Yoyo, Woodville, and Lake Guinea Bay areas. A rope tornado touched down NE of Yoyo, moving directly at the community of Ty. The tornado hit Ty, killing 1 person when a tree fell on their home. The tornado continued to move NE. About 4 minutes after the tornado hit Ty, the tornado was in the Lake Guinea Bay area. The tornado destroyed several gas stations and swept away several homes. One resident, a thirty-year-old woman said, "I've always known Colossians was prone to tornadoes, but one like this one was just the worst I've seen in several years. I thought the concrete blocks were gonna bury me alive in my bathtub." Another house in the area was completely destroyed where 2 people were killed. The tornado moved near the downtown area at 2:57 P.M., causing major havoc in the areas such as the neighborhood of Milo, where 8 people were killed and several homes and shops had collapsed. The tornado moved on into Lake Guinea, and dissipated SW of Bloomfield in Sauerkraut. The tornado was rated F3 on December 27.

Carson/Livingston/Goatville tornadoEdit


F4 tornado damage in Livingston.

A supercell thunderstorm formed in North Sandy in the early hours of December 27. A reported wall cloud had formed near Carson, with additional winds in a rotating movement. A tornado warning was set for the area, including the largest city in North Sandy, Livingston. A tornado touched down NNE of Horse Prairie. It began to strengthen as it moved toward the Carson area. The tornado attained F2 strength when it hit Carson, injuring 6 people when hitting a mobile home park. The tornado left Carson in a state of emergency. The tornado moved NNE as it approached the western edge of Livingston. The tornado struck Livingston at 7:45 A.M., destroying a large apartment building and obliterating homes. A couple who had lived in Livingston for 6 years said, "Our area hasn't seen a tornado like this ever. Everywhere you looked, there was nothing, but remains of homes, cars, and mangled up grass. The tornado also destroyed a store called "All-Mart", where 3 people were killed in a hallway when a shelf landed on top of them. The tornado began to slightly weaken after attaining its peak strength at F4 in Livingston. The tornado tracked another 20 miles until it hit Goatville, where a few homes were swept away, but nobody was hurt. The tornado finally dissipated S of Titus.

Wyominga's Heart tornadoEdit

Main Article: 2015 Wyominga's Heart tornado

Confirmed tornadoesEdit

30 7 5 6 4 8 0

December 26 eventEdit

F# Location County State Time Damages Info/Comments
F0 W of Ginger Stan BD 1125-1127 $100,000 A couple homes sustained major shingle damage, along with many trees being snapped in the Southwest OUS National Forrest.
F2 S of On, BD to Doppelgänger, CO Minnesota (BD), Unicycle (BD), Bedford (CO) BD, CO 1148-1158 $1,000,000 A house was badly damaged and trees were snapped consistently through the path. Several barns were destroyed and a mobile home park was destroyed, where 3 people were injured.
F0 WNW of True Turner CO 1212 $100 A brief tornado damaged crops in a field.
F3 NE of Yoyo to SW of Bloomfield Yoyo, Sauerkraut CO 1440-1507 $1,000,000,000 11 deaths - See section on this tornado.
F2 N of Poseyville Posey CO 1452-1457 $200,000 Several homes were destroyed, including a resteraunt, where 9 people were injured when a table was blown on top of them.
F0 NE of Columbia City Columbus WY 1512-1513 Minimal Brief touchdown.
F3 W of Wrayton to Wright Wray, Woodnymph CO 1512-1526 $900,000 2 deaths - A large, wedge tornado touched down near Wrayton, destroying several homes and outbuildings. The tornado moved into Woodnymph County near the area of Echo, damaging a house and throwing a school bus into a garage. The tornado damaged a few more homes before dissipating in downtown Wright.
F1 Rainbow Lake area Rainbow CO 1929-1932 $500,000 A tree fell on a home and cars were blown off the road.
F4 WSW of Bugle to NNE of Holly Falls Livingston, Gatliney NS 2333-2358 $2,000,000,000 3 deaths - A large, violent tornado touched down near Bugle and swept away several homes in a town called Hugo, where 2 people were killed. Another person was killed outside of Holly Falls when their farm was destroyed.

December 27 eventEdit

F# Location County State Time Damages Info/Comments
F4 Sunnnyville, CO to Muncie, WY Pond (CO), Livingston (NS), Muncie (WY) CO, NS, WY 1125-1127 $4,000,000 8 deaths - A large tornado destroyed many homes in the town of Applesburgh.
F4 WNW of Quote to Wyominga's Heart to ENE of Popcorn Runt, Heart, Popcorn WY 1221-0102 $4,000,000,000+ 36 deaths - See article on this tornado.
F2 ESE of Quote to SW of Wyominga's Heart Runt, Heart WY 1221-1242 $1,000,000,000+ 1 death - See article on this tornado.
F3 Papa Livingston NS 1225-1229 $100,000 Several cars were overturned, and a couple well built houses were severely damaged.
F4 SSW of Carson to Livingston to S of Titus Livingston NS 1233-0103 $8,000,000,000 3 deaths - See section on this tornado.