The 2016 Bedford City tornado was a significant tornado that impacted Bedford City on January 20, 2016.

Meteorological HistoryEdit

The tornado formed in a field south-southwest of Bedford City. The tornado strengthened as it spun clockwise in a north-northeasterly direction towards South Bedford City and Spring Mill. The tornado barely missed both communities and tracked towards downtown, where at least 150 mobile homes were damaged in a mobile home park. The tornado, continuously heading towards downtown, flipped an OUS Weather Center van, killing two notable storm chasers. The tornado struck downtown about two minutes later after barely striking Buddha, injuring 27. Windows were busted out of the Bedford Tower and the June P. Guygungan Building, where 15 were injured combined. The tornado began to steadily weaken from its 155 mph winds and damaged many homes in the northern suburb, Marina City. The tornado dissipated on Highway 44.

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